Blue Grass, Iowa Dumpster Rental

Please select a dumpster size for Blue Grass, IA roll-off dumpster details and pricing:

  • 3 Yard 3 Yard Dumpster Bag
  • 10 Yard 10 Yard Dumpster
  • 20 Yard 20 Yard Dumpster

3 Yard Dumpster

DimensionsLength 8' x Height 2.5' x Width 4'

Purchase Price of Bag: $50 (Does not include collection service. Bag will be disposed of when collection service takes place.)

Price for Collection of 1 Bag: $200 (This is the starting price of bag collection, but may be higher due to location and type of waste.)

This is equivalent to a pick up truck, a small remodel or garage or attic clean out. It’s the perfect size for small renovations or clean outs. This is a the perfect size for those do it yourself jobs. Also the 3 cubic yard dumpster bag in Blue Grass, IA is perfect for junk removal.

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10 Yard Dumpster

Dimensions Length 12' x Height 3.5' x Width 8'

Haul Rate $350

Daily Rental Charge $10/day after 7 days

Additional Tonnage Charge $40/ton after 1 tons

Residential Favorite. Common uses include small debris cleanups, landscaping, heavy materials, small remodels. Holds up to 25-30 squares of roofing.

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20 Yard Dumpster

Dimensions Length 12' x Height 6' x Width 8'

Haul Rate $450

Daily Rental Charge $10/day after 7 days

Additional Tonnage Charge $40/ton after 2 tons

Excellent for home clean-outs and remodels and a favorite of contractors.  These dumpsters have an easy opening back door to make it simple to carry larger items into the dumpster. Not suitable for heavy materials.

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Renting a Dumpster in Blue Grass, Iowa

Call us to make getting rid of trash, waste and debris easy. We offer dumpster rentals in Blue Grass, Iowa for residents and contractors. We offer different sizes of containers depending on the amount of trash you need to get rid of. This saves you money so you don’t pay for more than you need. With easy ordering, that can be done within minutes on the phone and same day delivery, there is no reason to delay your waste clean up and keep your clean up area nice and neat. With our 3, 10, and 20 yard roll off dumpsters available we are the perfect match for your waste disposal needs.

Dumpster Rentals for Your Shingle/Roofing Project

Need to get a new roof? Well one thing for sure is you will have lots of old shingles to get rid of. We offer shingle roofing waste dumpsters rentals in Blue Grass, Iowa. When ordering a dumpster order a 10 cubic yard roofing dumpster which will hold about 30 squares. When we deliver the dumpster we can place it on a hard level surface right next to the house. This will make it easy when tearing off the old roof to just be able to slide and toss the old shingles right into the dumpster. This will save you time and money on the project. Call today for your waste container rental!

What We Can NOT Take


  • PAINTS/CHEMICALS: Liquids, motor oil, pesticides, herbicides, antifreeze, etc.
  • HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: Asbestos, drums, fluorescent lights/ballasts, medical waste, etc.
  • FLAMMABLES/EXPLOSIVES: Propane tanks, ammunition, gasoline, solvents, etc.